Dorit Reuveny

Matti Caspi arranged four successful songs for Dorit Reuveny’s most successful album“That’s How I Am”from 1974. This album includes her hits“Today today”,", "“The Man from the Valley”", "and “Around the Bonfire”.".

The songs arranged by Matti Caspi:“A Little Song for a Lullaby”(Nathan Zach/Shaul Ben Amitai/Matti Caspi),“Nostalgy”(Rachel Shapira/Arik Cohen/Matti Caspi),“The Land Where the Sun Rises”(Daliah Rabicovitch/Nathan Cohen/Matti Caspi),“Shame in the Sun”(Yehuda Shavit/Shaul Ben Amitai/Matti Caspi).

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