The Wrong Dragon

“The Wrong Dragon” (Phonokol 1996) is an album recorded according to a book by Yehonatan Gefen, featuring Yehonatan Gefen, Tamir Harpaz, Sharona Nestovitch, Danny Shtag, Ilan Leibovitch, and Dudu Elharar who also produced it.

Most of the compositions are by Matti Caspi (there’s no collaboration from Matti Caspi’s part the work on the album).

Matti Caspi’s compositions from the album:

  • The Band
  • Good Night?
  • Shlommi Adommi
  • That 'Need To'
  • A Horrible Thing
  • A Championship Against Myself
  • A Love Song
  • A Hot Day
  • The End of Wild Yehoshua
  • My Father Never Hasn't
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