"Hurray to the Young"

""Hurray to the Young"is the name of the album released by the Israphone company in 1969.
In this album, Miri Alony (Hanachal military band), Galia Yishai (Center Command military band), Hillick Zadok (Center Command military band), Nurit Shoham (the Israeli Students band), and Matti Caspi (Southern Command military band) were all given a first opportunity.

When the album was released Matti Caspi was still a soldier in the military band, but it was recorded prior to Matti’s recruitment to the IDF.

Matti Caspi’s role in the album is big: he performed three songs, two of which he composed -"The Happiest of Men"which also came out later as a mini record (Danny Revve/Yair Rosenbloom),“A Kipurim Clown”,and“Golden Shores”(Meir Agassy/Matti Caspi).

In addition, two of his compositions are performed in the album by Hillick Zadok:“The Ballade About Joe and Cesar”and“What I Feel Like Doing”.".

On the album cover a few words were written about each participant featuring in it, and here is what was written about Matti Caspi:

“It’s easy to be deceived by the serious-brown eyes of Matti Caspi. You would see him and think: ‘There’s a quiet fellow, relaxed and maybe a little naive’. Caution! A mischievous fellow is before you! A ‘Kibbutznik’ of the new generation that the rhythm of these days is beating in his veins, and he’s always packed with a humorous and witty answer wherever he goes.
Matti, son of the Hannita Kibbutz, is today a member of the Southern Command military band, composes and writes for them when needed as well. Matti accompanies himself and the rest of the band members with the piano, which he learned for years, or with the guitar, or with other three-four instruments he’s already learned by himself. Matti’s choice of songs isn’t coincidental, and if you possess a sense of humor - this is your kind of man”!

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