The Suburbs

Matti Caspi’s first collaboration with The Suburbs duo was in the production ofA Beautiful Tropical Land(1977), which consisted of songs from Brazil.

In 1981 Caspi worked with the duo on their album“The Suburbs Tropicale”- songs from Brazil, in memory of Vinicius de Moraes, translated by Yaakov Shabtai, where Caspi made all the musical arrangements, produced and played some instruments (especially recalled from this album is the song “Sweet is the Apple”).

Also in 1981 Caspi recorded with The Suburbs and other artists South-American songs for the radio program “Do Re Mi and More” -A Song for South America".
This program was the basis for the joint concertA Distant Love Song".

In 1983 the concertA Distant Love Songwas running and also came out as an album bearing the same title, which included songs from South America (not including Brazil) translated by Ehud Manor (RIP) such as - Silverio, Alfonsina and the Sea, A Song for South America, I’ll Go Crazy, and more.

For their album“The Suburban Mandrakes”from 1985, Caspi arranged the song “There Goes a Year”.

About four years after the concert “A Distant Love Song” Matti Caspi and The Suburbs produced a similar show called"I'll Go Crazy".From that show came out a record released by Triton company in 1987 containing two songs: “Cochifa” and “A Land if I’ll Have One”.

In 1989 Caspi worked with The Suburbs on their album"Music"- he was responsible for arranging and musically producing it, as well as playing the keyboards, accordion, and percussion. For that same album he also composed the song“Two and Twenty”(lyrics by: E. Manor).

In November 2001 Caspi and The Suburbs returned to the stage for a one-time show.

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