A children’s TV show from the years 1978-1979, of which most music was composed by Matti Caspi.

Featured in the show were Hava Alberstein, Hannan Goldblat, Shlomo Vishinsky, and Avraham Mor.

Some of the show’s songs were featured in the album “Carousel” released by NMC, and in the collection album “Hava Alberstein Sings to Children - Part C” released by NMC (and includes records"Carousel",", ""Carousel 2",", ""Carousel for the Holidays").").

Songs from “Carousel” composed and arranged by Matti Caspi (all lyrics by: Leah Naor):

  • The Carousel Song
  • A Gift for the New Year
  • The Garden Song
  • The Mailman Song
  • Goodbye World
  • I Have a Problem
  • Hash Browns Please
  • My Dreidel
  • Happy Birthday to the Garden
  • This is How you Plant a Seedling
  • They're Building Everywhere
  • Stars in the Garden
  • The Rain Song
  • Exactly at the Right Hour
  • Hello, Hello!
  • A Song, Not Too Hot or Cold
  • We are All for a Garden Here
  • I Had a Miracle in Chanukah
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