25 Years later - Matti Caspi and Riki Gal reunite on stage with the show “What is Love”

Almost 25 years have passed since the successful show of Matti Caspi and Riki Gal What is Lovewent on stage. Ever since the two have been constantly asked to bring the show back to life but their various activities didn’t allow the realization of this idea.

Now it’s finally happening, in the end of March 2012 Matti Caspi and Riki Gal will reunite on stage with the mythological show What is Loveaccompanied by 21 musicians arranged by Matti Caspi.

Toward the upcoming show the two are planning to release two singles to the radio: “Never Knew You’d Leave Me” and a new song called: “You’re Black and I’m White”.

The debut show will take place at the Nokia Hall in Tel Aviv, on March 24th 2012.




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