“So There Is” - A new music video

The second wonderful single from the upcoming album - “So There Is”, lyrics written by Yaakov Rothblit to Matti Caspi’s music.

The single’s release is accompanied by a music video directed by Aaron Kaplan.

Caspi explained that the lyrics are “a description of a utopian dream” and that’s the music video’s theme as well.

“I’m thrilled and excited about the song “So There Is” being born into the world. Yaankale (Yaakov) Rothblit’s fine words gave me the inspiration to compose, arrange and produce this song, which is a second harbinger from the new record that has already been finished. My thanks and gratitude are to Yoad Nevo who did an amazing job with the mixing, to all the musicians and technicians who have participated in the recording of various songs, and especially to you, the viewers and listeners, whose presence at my shows and concerts gives me the strength to keep on going and believing in my journey”.

“So There Is”
Lyrics: Yaankale Rothblit
Music: Matti Caspi


Absolutely, absolutely taking my hat off
Angels at the square taking flight
The magical flute plays Bossa Nova
How can you not see?


In the trembling air from the wing-clap
The contents hold the vessel
In the soup kitchen they’re serving lunch
A ray of sunshine in my soup


All the way to me from the sun it comes
To fill my heart with joy
With wonders like these that the eye sees
Who can say there’s no love in the world?


Yellow and blue happiness asks
And a white wing in a dance
Look how all the colors of the rainbow
Are dancing at the edge of my paintbrush


The lights are rising on the roads of the moon
The land will shine again tomorrow
I’ve brought you a mountain said the guest
To put next to your river


With wonders like these that the eye sees
The heart inside me rejoices
All the way to me from the sun it comes
Who can say there’s no love in the world?

מתוך צילומי הקליפ
from behind the scenes of the filming of the music video.

Matti Caspi tells Iris Kol about the new single “So There Is”, about the music video that reflects the digital era, and about the love of the younger generation to its creations. Listen:

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