“A Pair of Doves“ - A New Single

Matti Caspi’s new single started from the lyrics written by Shalom Hanoch after he photographed two doves on the roof of his house - and this turned into a music video made in the spirit of the Corona time.

“A Pair of Doves”

Music: Matti Caspi
Lyrics: Shalom Hanoch

A pair of doves on the boiler on the roof
He is making himself ready, cleaning himself
She is impatient
Circling and trotting around him
And he doesn’t grant her
Even one look of his eye
And she comes again and continues
Acts coquettish and turns her back
Waiting a bit and moving away
Coming near while he cleans himself
She kisses him and whispers the song of songs in his ear
And makes herself
Ready waiting and open
And I’m waiting on a Friday
Stars above and holiday’s eve
A pair of doves on the boiler on the roof





Vocals: Suyan Caspi, Matti Caspi, Ilan Aviv, Ido Zeleznik.

Instruments, musical production, mixing and mastering: Matti Caspi.

Video shooting of doves: Limor Hanoch Yaron.

Videos taken on their smartphones:
Bass: Ilan Aviv.
Keyboard: Ido Zeleznik.
Cajón and conga: Joca Perpignan.
Shaker: Silvina Eskapa.
Guitar: Hagai Rechavia.

Video Editing: Dror Adler.
Social Media: Einat Golan.
Digital Distribution: Helicon Music - Alon Farid, Nimrod Kalmovich. digital@helicon.co.il

For show bookings: Helicon Cnaan Shows (+972) (0) 3-5580890

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