Red River Valley (Hed Arzi 1981)

1. Blues of the Lovestruck - Matti Caspi S. Freind/A. Miles
2. Jon the Bully - Dory Ben Zeev Jimmy Dean
4. I Gave Up - Benny Amdursky Benny Amdursky
6. Hey Ayelet - Dory Ben Zeev Hank Williams
9. Only Beside Him - Riki Gal B. Sheryl/T. Wint
10. At Night Too - Matti Caspi Hank Williams
11. I'll Speak to you in Song - Everyone Jim Crouchy
12. What's Right is True - Dory Ben Zeev J.M. Sommers

An album and TV show featuring songs of the wild west.

Featuring: Matti Caspi, benny Amdursky, Daphna Armony, Dory Ben Zeev, Riki Gal, Ehud Manor.

Musical production and arrangements: Matti Caspi.
Hebrew version: Ehud Manor.

The music notes of the album’s songs came out in the book “I’ll Go Crazy”.

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