A Pair of Doves

Lyrics by Shalom Hanoch, 2020
You Took my Hand in Yours

With the philharmonic, 2011
A Place for Care

With the philharmonic, 2011
Here Here

With the philharmonic, 2011

Matti Caspi performing with Sasha Argov RIP
Return Oh Shulamit

With Naomi Shemer RIP
Samba for Two

With Yehudith Ravitz, "A Beautiful Tropical Land"
Friday is Back
"It's No Good the Man Being Alone"

Matti Caspi in the dairy barn of the Mishmarot kibbutz
Eliezer Ben Yehuda

From the 1976 music festival.
"Before I went on stage I asked the conductor, Ziko Garzianni, to sing a sentence in the song. He agreed to sing anything except the word 'Eliezer'... Because he couldn't pronounce the letter z (he pronounced it like 'th' instead). In the video clip he sang only 'Ben Yehuda'.
That time I would sing standing with my hands in my pockets out of discomfort on stage, I just didn't know what to do with myself."
An Evening at a Cafe

A song that was never recorded in a Caspi's album. Lyrics by Leah Goldberg, from the Poets Songs festival num. 3, 1983
Always Change
I’m Dying

With the "They Don't Care" trio, 1970
Never Knew You'd Leave Me


Matti Caspi and Chocolate, Mint & Gum.
From the 1974 music and lyrics festival.
Caspi: "Two days before the festival, the song was recorded at Beit Hamorre in Tel Aviv, and there while recording, I came up with the idea of answering the girls with 'what' and 'who'. It was the first rap with one word. The rest was a song..."
Say Goodbye

Matti Caspi accompanying the "Chocolate, Mint & Gum" trio on the congas. From a show at "Zavta", 1976.
A Clean Folk Song

Broadcasted during the show: "A Reason for Partying".
Matti Caspi recalls and tells:
"The idea to shoot while I was showering was mine. But the show was shot at the Herzeliya Studios, and it was in winter, and they didn't have good conditions to shower with hot water. In one of the dressing rooms there was a water boiler. The shootings took a long time because they transferred a hundreds meters long tube from that dressing room to my shower. I shouted that it was cold and that they needed to add hot water. So they added hot water, but by the time it arrived at my shower they got cold again. I asked for more hot water again and again until it became too hot and they had to add cold water, and the whole thing took so much time that in the end there was no more hot water. And so the entire video was made while I was freezing, and instead of dubbing forward I dubbed backwards - I inhaled out of the cold... The fumes you in the video came from the smoke machine."
We Have No Words

During the Yom Hakipurim war (1973) Matti Caspi, Oshik Levy, Puppick Arnon, and Illana Rubina were all part of a military musical group that performed before soldiers in the army...More]

Filmed in Paris in the winter of 2006, featuring song composer Charles Aznavour.
“I’m a huge fan of Charles Aznavour, and I yearned for him to agree to participate in the song’s music video, but I never imagined he would actually do it (...) A day after the shooting he..."More]
An Israeli Soundtrack

Caspi discussing with Yoav Kutner, 2012
Intermezzo with Arik

An article about Matti Caspi and Shlomo Gronich's return to the stage with the 1984 show "Behind the Sounds".
Behind the Sounds 1984

Arie Vardy tries to reveal the secrets of Matti Caspi's harmony: How and why Caspi's unique style is immediately recognizable?
Peace Upon You

With Boaz Sharaby.
Broadcasted during the show: "A Reason for Partying".
"Most of the ideas in that crazy music video were mine, crazy things I liked. The blonde wig I'm wearing at the beginning of the video was an exact imitation of the Swedish Eurovision host that year."
Babblers Lake

Tuvia Tzafir, Matti Caspi, Meny Per and Duby Gal at the EMI show, the 80's
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