Matti Caspi - Everlasting Alliance

Songs in the Book:

  1. When God First Said
  2. Little Dog
  3. My Balloon
  4. On a Journey Day
  5. And You
  6. Noah
  7. Always Change
  8. Colonel on Reserve Duty
  9. Everlasting Alliance
  10. Never Knew You'd Leave Me
  11. How Come a Star
  12. I Know I will Die in Summer
  13. Friday is Back
  14. A Sad City
  15. Gogo
  16. Here Here
  17. The Guitar Fell Asleep
  18. No Peace
  19. A Love Song
  20. A Place for Care
  21. In the Hot Summer Nights
  22. Day by Day I Go to your House
  23. We Haven’t Talked About Love Yet
  24. Long Past
  25. How Many Songs Can you Invent
  26. Song of the Dove
  27. The Day will Come
  28. You Took my Hand in Yours
  29. Eliezer Ben Yehuda
  30. A Minute of Silence


Published by "Sherbarak", 1980

The Day will Come

Never Knew You'd Leave Me

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