Matti Caspi - Productions and Collaborations

For decades of his vast musical career, Caspi has composed heavily, and produced and arranged music for other artists, as well as written music for plays, films, various shows, music festivals, military bands, and more.

Caspi tells us the songs he gives to others are not commissioned, but simply “given away”, since he first writes for himself and only later gives the song to another if he finds it doesn’t suit his voice.

Matti Caspi’s collaborations with other artists and his participation in special projects include among others Riki Gal, A Beautiful Tropical Land, A Distant Love Song, Hava Alberstein, Shlomo Gronich, Red River Valley, Songs of the Balkan, Lines, The Suburbs, The Dudaim, military bands, Chocolate Mint and Gum, the Lips band, The Pure Souls, Oshik Levy, Danny Robas, Erez Halevy, Yossi Bannai, Netanela, Meir Bannai, Yehudith Ravitz, Raquel Caspi, Gally Atary, Celebration at the Snooker, Carousel, and more…

Here they are in the Hebrew alphabetical order:

Aviv Gefen


Ehud Manor

"Oshik Levy"

Eily Gurlitzky


Nose Ear & Throat“Nose Ear and Throat” trio -

Erez Halevy

Ariel Zilber

Arik Lavy

"Arik Sini"

Boaz Sharaby

"Daughters of Eve"

Gally Atary

Deddie Ben Ammi

David Daor

Dudu Elharar

Dudu Zachai

Dory Ben Zeev

Dorit Reuveny

"Danny Granot"

Danny Litany

Danny Robas

The Pale Scout

The Mandrakes

The Wrong Dragon

"Hurray to the Young"

The Sea

The Pure Souls

The Suburbs

Raquel Caspi’s album,

The Geneva Conference/Leonard Cohen

The Stages Gang.

"A Celebration at Noiva"

Celebration at the Snooker

Hava Alberstein

Chen Zimbalista

Hanny Livne

Yevgeni Shapovalov

"Yehudith Ravitz"

Yehoram Gaon

Yossi Bannai.

"Yael Levy"

Yaakov Neve

Yafa Yarkonni

Yardena Arazzi

I've Got Kineret

"Bloom Pair and Apple"

Military Bands

The Sound and Silence Dance Company

The Lips Band

"Lilly Too",

Meir Bannai

Nurit Galron


Susanne & Fran

Suyan Caspi

"City of Men"

Ofra Fux

Akiva Nof

A Corner in the Valley

The Music & Lyrics Festivals

The South Duo



Ronnie Brown

Ronnie Turgeman

Riki Gal

Shula Chen

Chocolate, Mint & Gum

Shoshana Damary

A Song for South America

Shalom Hanoch

The Adler Trio

The Toucan Trio

“They Don’t Care” trio.

Shlomo Gronich

Sarah Badishy

"The Six Days & Seven Gates"

Tikki Dayan

"Tricks of Marriage".

"Golden Apple"

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