Matti Caspi arranged and produced Adam’s album “Free” (1989), composed out of it the song “No One Knew Me Yet”, and played the piano, keyboard, percussion, and sang backing vocals.

Adam, on working with Matti Caspi:
“The will to work with him was actually mine, but at first I had my worries. Up until now I got used to work with Yizhar Ashdot, and I knew he knows me and knows my limits, and therefore knows exactly how to direct me. Just as recording started, my worries went away. I felt Matti understood me even without really knowing me. He simply knew immediately what I’m capable of or not as a singer. He knew how to direct me. How to bring out the best of me. The coarseness still exists but is less heard. Matti knew how to bring out of my voice tones I wasn’t aware of before”.

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