"Oshik Levy"

Matti arranged and produced Oshik Levy’s 1984 albumHeat Wave Nights”, composed two of its songs:“It Could’ve Taken Years”andHeat Wave Nights, and played the keyboard, accordion, harmonica, and percussion.

For Levy’s record“A Little Quiet”(1970) Caspi composed the song“Eel Fish”.".

For his record"Oshik Levy"(1974) Caspi composed the songsLong Past(L.Goldberg), and“Feet”(H.Hefer) and played the guitar, keyboard, and percussion.

At the Children Festival of 1982 Oshik Levy sang“Boy Are You Asking”arranged by Matti Caspi (lyrics and music: Uzzi Chitman).

During the Yom Hakipurim war Levy was one of the“Geneva Conference", and they performed for soldiers along with Leonard Cohen, and wrote together the songWe Have No Words".

באולפני טריטון בתל אביב, בזמן ההקלטות לשיר 'לילות שרב'
At the Triton studios in Tel Aviv, while recording the song 'Heat Wave Nights'
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