"Daughters of Eve"

In 1971 Matti Capsi composed and arranged for the album of the"Daughters of Eve"(Zippi Fleischer’s group which included Noga Eshed, Tamar Eshel, and Edith Harpaz) the song“I Always Tiptoe”(Shimrit Or).

Zippi Fleischer was responsible for most of the compositions in the album, and also made the vocal and orchestral arrangements as well as conducting.

Zippi Fleischer tells:

I never knew Matti Caspi until 1970. My students had told me about him. His first song I heard was “Eliezer Ben Yehuda” and it immediately struck me with amazement. My eyes, heart and ears were all turned to him and I was excited, and already started giving examples about him in my classes.
I founded the “Daughters of Eve” group in 1969, Naomi Shemer introduced me to three girls from the Havai Nachal team. The record was almost finished, except I really wanted a Matti Caspi song. I came to him with lyrics written by Shimrit Or and asked him to compose to it. It was a brave deed, I was afraid he wouldn’t be interested.
Matti Caspi came to the recordings at the Kolinor studios in Tel Aviv, to teach the girls their singing parts in the song. The soloist was Edith Harpaz, whom Matti asked specifically. Before he arrived he asked how many were in the group and came ready. The pianist was Yaron Gershovsky. He worked alone and did whatever he wanted. I was happy every moment and duly impressed by his work. It made me feel important, the fact that I could ask him for a song and he accepted.
We didn’t get to perform this song on stage since we usually performed it with a piano alone, and it’s not enough for that kind of song.
I reckon Caspi to be a genius, and I’m very proud of the song.

Years later, in 2013, Dr. Zippi Fleischer wrote a unique and extensive research book about Matti Caspi’s work.

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