Dudu Zachai

Matti Caspi musically managed Dudu Zachai’s first two albums -“Someone Came and Said”and“On a Cloverfield”(which was dedicated to old Hebrew songs in new performances).

For the album “Someone Came and Said” (1974) Caspi composed and arranged the songs"It's good for me at the Kibbutz"(lyrics by: Ehud Manor) and"Games"(lyrics by: Shimrit Or) and also arranged the songs “Someone Came and Said”, “Song of Golden Locks” and “Elad Went Down to the Jordan”.

The song"It's good for me at the Kibbutz"also appeared in the collection album"Everybody Sings Matti Caspi".".

Caspi also composed for Zachai the song“Seven Tales”from the Beer Songs Festival.

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