Danny Litany

Matti Caspi composed and arranged the song"It's No Good the Man Being Alone"from Litany’s album “a Warm Treatment” (1978), and also arranged for this album the song“In One Mind”".
Both songs are duets performed by litany and Yehudith Ravitz, from a joint show together.

In 1987 Caspi renewed the song"It's No Good the Man Being Alone"by performing it himself in his album“Side C Side D”.".

Matti Caspi also played in the show (which later became a record)“It’s All for Now, for Now It’s All”(1974), a program by Yehonatan Gefen and Danny Litany, where Shalom Hanoch and Ariel Zilber also participated.
Caspi played the drums, congas, percussion, flute, and participated in backing vocals.

In Caspi’s album"Duets"(2000) Litany performed with him the song “Heat Wave Nights”.

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