The Pure Souls

In the early 70’s Caspi musically managed the The Combat Engineering Group, which among the rest featured Nathan Cohen and Yoram Yeruchammi.

In 1972 on the group’s program “let’s Build Us a Bridge” a song composed by Nathan Cohen was included - “On the Pure Souls Street” (lyrics by: S. Sapir). Matti Caspi contributed much to the song in arranging, playing instruments, and singing backing vocals. On the day of recording Yoram Yeruchammi was sick and Caspi replaced him in singing. The performance from that recording is also included in the record “Let’s Build Us a Bridge” as well as in the album “The Pure Souls”.

Matti Caspi started working with Nathan Cohen, whose talent impressed him, and with Yeruchammi and Nava Bruchin who came from the Hanachal group.

The first song they recorded as “The Pure Souls” trio was a new version of a song Caspi originally composed and arranged for theNose Ear & Throat“Nose Ear and Throat” trio -" - ""May my Night Never End"(lyrics by: Y. Shavit).

The song was included in the album “The Pure Souls” (1973), where more of Caspi’s arrangements were included: “Coffee at Berta’s”, “A Little Star”, “He’s Searching for Tomorrow” (music by: Nathan Cohen).

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