The Stages Gang - Songs of Naomi Shemer

The album"Songs of Naomi Shemer"(1972, music and lyrics by: Naomi Shemer) was recorded by members of The Stages Gang..

Most of the album’s songs were arranged by Matti Caspi: “To Sing is Like Being Jordan”, “There isn’t and There is”, “Intermediate Rhymes”, ”In the Land of Things that Never Happened”, “I will Not Die, But Live”, “Mr. Narcissus”, “I Grow a Husband”, “Forty”, “Two Street Photographers”.

The Stages Gang members are Elinoar Moav, Solo Keiserman, Danny Granot, Amir Ginat, Miko Lazarovich, Poriah Fingrer, Elly Mantber, Uzzie Meirri, Ruthie Ben Avraham, Miri Alony, Micha Bar Ilan, Yigal Harred, Posha Debra.

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