Hava Alberstein

Matti Caspi has worked with Hava Alberstein considerably along the years.

In Alberstein’s album“From the Songs of the Land I Love”(1970) was included a song Caspi had originally composed for the BA:“Eliezer Ben Yehuda”(lyrics by: Y. London), and another song he composed:“Sleeping Alone”(lyrics by: D. Eilat). Both songs arranged by Alex Weiss.

In 1972 Alberstein recorded the album“A Woman in a Watermelon”.The album included two compositions by Matti Caspi:"Dresses"and"The Departure from Noah's Ark".".

The song"Dresses"was also featured in the children TV show featuring Alberstein -"Carousel"for which Caspi composed many songs.

In her album"May it Be"(1973), the songs“Ballade of a Horse With a Mark on its Forehead”andTurning Grapes into Winewere featured, and composed by Caspi, who also arranged songs from the album:“At the Opening of the Volcano”(D. Almagor/D. Litany),“Weave the Wool”(G. Doeh),“Solveig”(D. Eilat).

In the album“Like a Wild Plant”(1975) there were arrangements made by Caspi forDays of Benyamina(Manor/Caspi),“I’ll Talk to You”(R. Shapira/A. Torel),“Early Early in the Morning”(R.Shapira/S. Argov),“A Never ending Meeting”(N. Alterman/N. Shemer),“Autumn Leaves”(A. Bakar/Y. Neeman),"You will Walk in the Field”(L. Goldberg/H. Barkanni).
The song “You will Walk in the Field” almost didn’t make it into the album “Like a Wild Plant”. After the recordings to the album were finished, Alberstein and Caspi found Haim Barkanni’s music in a box at the studio. Hava was very sorry all the musicians had already left, but it didn’t bother Matti, who immediately started writing the musical arrangement for the song, played all the instruments, and that’s how the song was recorded.

The album“The Night is Songs”(1977) included songs arranged by Moshe Vilensky, Koby Oshrat and Matti Caspi.

For her album“Clearing“(1978) Caspi composed the song“Don’t Fret”(lyrics by: R. Shapira).

In her album“A Gift Song”(1980) Alberstein performed a new version ofEverlasting Alliance(Manor/Caspi), and in her album“I’ll Talk to You”(1997) she performed a new version of"Guarded Dreams"(Manor/Caspi).

In Caspi’s album"Duets"she performed with him the song"I've Got Birds in my Head".".

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