Yossi Bannai.

Matti Caspi worked with Yossi Bannai on five of his albums.

In 1979, for the albumYossi Bannai.Caspi composed and arranged the song “Out of Love” (Y. Bannai) and arranged the song “Calming your Night” (N. Alterman, A. Larar).

For the album“Scale of Loves”Caspi composed the song “A Minute of Silence” (Y. Gefen).

In 1983 Matti Caspi produced and arranged the albumDrunk and Not from Wineand from it composed the following songs:
“Drunk and Not from Wine”
“Another Childhood”
“Miss Chiripop”
“Always a Gypsy”
“On the Day the Tango Returns”
(All lyrics by: Yossi Bannai)
And Caspi also arranged all the rest (“My Matilda” etc.).

For the album“A Gypsy’s Face”Matti Caspi composed and arranged the song “The Girl from the Fast Train” (Y. London).

For another album titledYossi Bannai.Matti Caspi composed the song “Here and There” (Y. Bannai).

Matti Caspi talks about working with Yossi Bannai:
“In the album ‘Drunk and Not from Wine’ I made all the musical arrangements for Yossi. During recordings he didn’t hear the arrangements because I didn’t give him headphones, since I knew he sang out of tune. I wore headphones, listened to the playback and played the piano, but without recording the piano. With my left hand I only played the accompaniment and with my right I played the lead melody so that he wouldn’t sing out of tune. It was the best way of making this album, and then he thanked me and said it’s a pity he didn’t make the rest of his albums this way, since he always got lost and it was very difficult for him, whereas here he sang everything in one take. For my part, it was the best he could sing”.

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