"Bloom Pair and Apple"

A TV show hosted by Ehud Manor. Broadcasted for Kol Israel in 1991.

Featuring known songs from Russia, performed by a choir conducted by Matti Caspi, and six soloists: Matti Caspi, Boaz Sharaby, Shlomy Shabat, Leah Shabat, Ofirah Yosseffi and Simma Amiel.

Musically arranged, managemed and conducted by: Matti Caspi.

The songs performed on the show:

  1. It’s Good to Walk the Roads
  2. Guitar Players
  3. I Don't Know
  4. Silently
  5. Call Katros
  6. A Bright Night
  7. Ruthie
  8. A Sailing Dinghy
  9. The Handkerchief Blue
  10. A Birch Tree in the Forest
  11. Lushinka
  12. The Coachman Song
  13. Rinna
  14. Gogolli
  15. Moscow Nights

The songs on the show were not released as a record.

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