Military Bands

The Southern Command Band

The band where Caspi served in the military. It was there actually, where his exceptional musical career as composer and musical producer began.

For the band’s first program in 1968“Song in the South”he composed two songs, and performed a duet with Behira Shalom called“Youth”.Later the band recorded“Six Months of Addition”", ", “And it Happened That Day”and“A Long Beach”, also composed by Caspi.".

The next program which was also released as a record was called“Stronghold A, A”and included big hits like“To Eilat”and“In the Silence Patrol”, and from Caspi’s compositions -“Three Legs”.".
Deep baritone Caspi composed, arranged and performed the program’s biggest hit -I’m Dying, a song accompanied by a music video remembered by all viewers of the Israeli television in its first days. Caspi is seen there with Gady Oron and Yaakov Noy, the three formed the trio“The Three Fatties”in the military band, and also performed skits and mime scenes, and after their release from the military service became the"They Don't Care"".

Gunners group

Caspi composed and arranged for the Gunners group the unforgettable songIn the Hot Summer Nights(Danny Minster), with soloist Mally Brunstein. He also replaced the drummer during the recordings, who was absent that day due to his health.
During the interview with Mally Brunstein, she told that Matti, who composed and arranged music for the band as part of his reserve duties, composed to the lyrics of Danny Minster as per her request. First the composition was different, some kind of jazz/blues melody, and as she requested he composed something more rhythmic.

The Tank Corps Band

Caspi composed for the Tank Corps band for its thirteenth program“Shir-yon Herzel”the song“25 Years”(Yehonatan Gefen), and it’s the first version of a song compsed later by Shem Tov Levy (“They say it was happier here before I was born…”).

The Hanachal Band

Caspi composed for the Hanachal band the song“Tel Aviv isn’t Worried”(lyrics by: E. Manor).

The Hanachal Group

For the Hanachal group and their 1969 program“Imaginary Vacation”Caspi composed two songs:“Love of the Flowers”(Meir Agassi) and“A Dove with an Olive Leaf”(Leah Naor).
In their record “Imaginary Vacation” these two songs were featured, along with“A beautiful Day”(Elly Set) and“Yuval”(Ilan Goldhirsh) composed by Matti Caspi.

The Combat Engineering Group

In the early 70’s Matti Caspi musically managed the Combat Engineering group. In 1972 in the program“Let’s Build Us a Bridge”, Matti Caspi served as musical arranger and manager, and also participated in the recording of vocals and instrument playing. Yoram Yeruchammi was sick on the recording day so Matti replaced him in singing. Among the program’s songs is the song“On the Pure Souls Street”to which Caspi much contributed with his arrangement, playing and backing vocals. This recording of the song was also included in the debut album of “The Pure Souls”.
This album featured Caspi’s song“In the Heart of the Sea (A Sea Legend)”.".
Caspi also composed, arranged and performed with the group the songs“Love (Two Fish)”(Daliah Rabikovitch) and“A Girl is a Melody”(Ehud Manor).

The Sini Group

For the Sini group’s program -“Chultura”- Matti Caspi composed the song“Alone”(Shimrit Or).

The Air Force Singing Quartet

Caspi arranged and musically managed the record:“From the Songs of Mordechai Zaira and More Beautiful Songs”in 1975, and from it composed five songs:“People of the Second Aliyah”(Nathan Alterman),“Ballade for an Old Airplane”(Odded),“If You Go Now”(N. Yonatan),“Rainbow”(L. Goldberg), and“Come to Us and We’ll Sing”(Odded).

The Air Force Entertainment Team

In 1973 Caspi composed all songs (except three) from the program“Around the World in 80 Minutes”for the team, and was also responsible for the musical arrangements and guidance (all lyrics by: Dan Almagor):“A Small World”,", "“At the Pace of the Rickshaw”,", "“In Budapest”,", "“Art for the People”,", "When the Carnaval Comes to Brazil”,", "“Charistos Charistopolos”,", "“With the Flipflops”,", "“It’s Hard Being an Englishman”,", "and “From the Air”.".
From the team, were discovered: Ilan Virzberg, Matti Serri, andNetanela with whom Caspi worked much later, and got her first solo.

The Field Troops Band

In the 80’s, a spart of his reserve duties, Caspi served as musical manager of the Field Troops band.
In 1985 Caspi composed and arranged all songs from the band’s program“A Vacation On the Go”to the lyrics by Ehud Manor:The Starting Line", "Seven Hours”,", "“Portion Portion”,", "Sounds of the Field", ""Free",", "“Forty Eight Hours”,", "“A Shooting Star”,", "“Two Options”,", "“What Could Be Waiting for you Outside”,", "“Where He is and Where am I”,", "“Soccer”,", "and “On the Way to the Bridge”.".

The Training Command Group

For the Training Command group’s program:“Being and Present”from 1974 Caspi composed the song“A Day Given to You”(Moshe Shechevitz).

The Navy Band

Matti Caspi made the musical arrangements and guidance for the Navy band’s eleventh program called“Praise the Sea”(1974), and composed two songs for the program:“In the Heart of the Sea”(Shimrit Or) and“Two Sailors Came Out of a Chimney”(Dan Almagor).

The Northern Command Band

In late 2000 Caspi composed and performed with the Norhthern Command band the song“Heart in the North”.".

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