Netanela’s first work with Matti Caspi was while she served in the Air Force Entertainment Team, which in 1973 ran the program“Around the World in 80 Minutes”- a show which most of it was composed by Matti Caspi, and he also was responsible for the musical arrangements and guidance.

Her first appearance on stage after the military service was in the 1974 Music Festival, where she sang, still wearing the air force uniform, the songSong of the Dovecomposed and arranged by Matti Caspi. The song was very successful and is to this day recognized by Netanela and her special voice.

After the big break she got at the festival, she started performing with Caspi in a shared evening show called“Half and Half”,and the two also recordedSong of the Dovetogether for her albumNetanela" (1976).
Caspi was the musical manager and arranger for most of songs in this album. Other songs he composed for Netanela in this album are:“Summer Night”(Nathan Alterman),We Haven’t Talked About Love Yet(lyrics by: E. Manor).

Other of Caspi’s songs made famous by the performance of Netanela, areThe Day will Come(E. Manor) andSounds of the Field(lyrics by: E. Manor).

Among the arrangements he made for her songs:“There, the Mountains of Golan”,", "“Be a Friend, Be a Brother”,", "“To My Land”,and more.

In 1974 Caspi wrote for Netanela the song"Son"(E. Manor) for the fifth children’s festival.

That year Caspi and Netanela sang together on the program“Do Re mi and More”by Kol Israel accompanied by an instrumental band conducted by Matti Casp, who also made the musical arrangements for the program. Among the rest, they performed together the songsSong of the Dove(S. Or),"And You"(S. Gronich), and an instrumental piece by Caspi.
Netanela performed“On the Ourskirts of the Village”(O. Zamir/O. Zamir) and“Negbian Lullaby”(Y. Mohar/M. Vilensky), and Matti performed“Two Roses”(M. Zaira/Y. Orlander). Together they sang a beautiful performance of the song“The Ballade about M.Z. Fireberg”(D. Almagor/M. Caspi), a song recorded three years earlier by the“They Don’t Care” trio.".

In 1987 Matti Caspi worked with Netanela on her album“On my Window’s Garden of Eden”:he played the acoustic guitar, percussion, sang vocals, and arranged three songs:“Asleep”,", "“Autumn Leaves of my Father”,and“A Ship of Memories”- which he also arranged at the music and lyrics festival of that year.

In 1995 Netanela participated along with David Daor and Ehud Manor in a joint show featuring Manor’s songs, and following that show she recorded an entire album of his songsWe Haven’t Talked About Love YetThe most notable song of the album was a duet performed by her and Manor,“More Time”,which was written to a melody sent to him by Caspi from the USA. The song’s lyrics were words of encouragement to Caspi, who had to live abroad that time.

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