The A Corner in the Valley Singing Group

The “A Corner in the Valley” singing group were members of the Izrael Valley regional council.
Matti Caspi worked with them on an entire album - “Sounds of the Field” which he entirely composed, arranged, and produced, and he even plays most of the instruments in this album.


“Working with Matti Caspi was an exceptionally special experience. Sometimes we felt like we were in a music class at the university. And of course, Matti is also someone who knows how to tell jokes at the right time, and that’s how we all learned and laughed. Most of the songs were recorded live while all the group sang together. Matti wanted no soloists”.


Tracks in this album:

  • Turning Grapes into Wine
  • Grandfather's House
  • A Bedouin Song
  • A Good Reason
  • Heat Wave Nights
  • No Energy for One Single Thing
  • Noah
  • On My Way to You
  • Mine and hers Song
  • A Clean Folk Song
  • Thirty Years have Passed
  • The Starting Line
  • My Balloon
  • Sounds of the Field
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