The Music & Lyrics Festivals

Matti Caspi participated as singer, composer, or musical arranger in eight of the Hebrew “Music and Lyrics” festivals.

His first appearance in one of those festivals was in 1971, where he performed along with his band back then - the"They Don't Care"- the song “Birds in my Head” (lyrics by: Shimrit Or, music by: Matti Caspi, Arrangement by: Ilan Mochiach).

שלישיית "לא אכפת להם" בשיר "יש לי ציפורים בראש", פסטיבל הזמר והפזמון 1971
The "They Don't Care" trio performing "I've Got Birds in my Head", the 1971 Music and Lyrics Festival

A year later in 1972, Matti performed the song “And You”. The lyrics were written by Shlomo Gronich, after he very much disliked the song’s original lyrics, about the chimneys of Ridding D, since they were written (by Dan Almagor) for a satire show. Gronich thought the beautiful melody (Caspi’s melody) deserved lyrics about love. Gronich also arranged the song for its festival performance.

The 1974 Music and Lyrics festival is well remembered thanks to Matti Caspi’s performance with the “Chocolate Mint and Gum” trio of the song “Noah” (lyrics by: Yoram Tahar Lev, music and arrangement: Matti Caspi). The song, which became very successful, was incorporated also in Caspi’s debut album. של כספי.

Also in that festival, singer/soldier Netanela performed the song “Song of the Dove” (lyrics by: Shimrit Or, music and arrangement: Matti Caspi).

In 1975 Caspi made do with arranging two songs for the festival: “What a Carnival” performed by Mirri Alony (lyrics by: Zrubavela Sassonkin Pine, music by: Daphna Eilat), and “Crossroads” performed by the theatre masterclass of Hatikva neighborhood (lyrics by: Bezalel Alony, music by: Benyamin Etzionni).

In 1976 there wasn’t a music festival, but a “music celebration”. The show wasn’t a competition as usual and each participant was asked to perform one known song and another new song of their own. Caspi performed as a known song “Eliezer Ben Yehuda” (lyrics by: Yaron London, music and arrangement by: Matti Caspi), and “Everlasting Alliance” as his new song (lyrics by: Ehud Manor, music and arrangement: Matti Caspi).

Two years later Caspi composed the song “Someone” and gave it to Yehudith Ravitzfor her to perform at the 1978 music and lyrics festival (lyrics by: Ehud Manor, music and arrangement by: Matti Caspi).

In 1980 he arranged the song “Like Many Years Ago” performed by Arik Sini (lyrics by: Yaakov Gilad, music by: Yehudith Ravitz).

In 1987 he arranged two songs for the festival: “The Ship of Memories” performed by Netanela (who also wrote and composed it) and “Spring” performed by Limor Shapira (lyrics by: Rachel, music by: Limor Shapira).

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