A Song for South America

An album featuring “Anything Goes Habibbi”, Mirri Alony, Riki Gal, and Ruthie Holzman.
Musical and vocal arrangements and musical management: Matti Caspi.
Hebrew version of the songs: Ehud Manor.
All songs are from the radio program “Do Re Mi and More”.
Recorded at the BA studios, 1981.
Producer and editor: Odded Pinhassi.

The original radio program featured “The Suburbs” instead of “Anything Goes Habibbi”, and Matti Caspi performed the song “Many Voices”.

This show served as a basis for Matti Caspi’s show with The Suburbs -A Distant Love Song".
The music notes of the songs came out in the book"I'll Go Crazy".".

1. Anything Goes Habibbi - A Distant Love Song
2. Ruthie Holzman - A Painful Goodbye
3. Anything Goes Habibbi - Alfonsina and the Sea
4. Mirri Alony - An Ancient Sadness
5. Anything Goes Habibbi - It’s Good to Die for the Carnaval
6. Anything Goes Habibbi - A Song for South America
7. Riki Gal - Samba of the Dawn of Searching
8. Ruthie Holzman - Silverio
9. Mirri Alony - The Melody Stays
10. Anything Goes Habibbi - Give Your Hand to an Indian

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