“They Don’t Care” trio.

Members of the trio: Matti Caspi, Yaakov Noy, and Gady Oron.

During his military service in the Southern Command band, Matti Caspi joined forces with Yaakov Noy and Gady Oron, and the three of them formed “The Three Fatties” group inside the military band and apart from songs, also performed skits and mime pieces. Humor was one of the trio’s key descriptors until its end.
As “The Three Fatties”, in the military band’s program “Stronghold A A”, they performed the songs “Three Legs” and “I’m Dying” - which was accompanied by a memorable music video directed by Shmuel Imberman, one of the first music videos filmed to Israeli television, in which the three are dressed up as comic and extremely fat people.

Even as they were still soldiers, the three recorded an album titled"They Don't Care"released by Phonokol, and after their release from the military service they changed their name to the “They Don’t Care” trio, released the album and started performing their songs during many shows.
Matti Caspi composed all the songs except for two, and made the vocal arrangements. The orchestral arrangements were made by Albert Piamenta.
Among the most prominent hits in this album were “Desperation Met Desperation”, “Two Birds”, “The Most Beautiful Year of my Life”, “The Street Man”, and “Why isn’t Every Day Saturday”.
The album was never released as a CD until today, but some of its songs appeared in the collection album“In the First Time”.".


Regarding the album’s cover, the following text was written:

Matti Caspi
Born in 1949 - Israel. As a son of the Hannita kibbutz, he studied piano for six years at the Nahariya Conservatory. Matti began his path as a singer in the “Southern Command” military band where he composed his first songs “And It will Happen That Day” and “Six Months of Service”.
Today, Matti’s repertoire has many songs that prove his enormous composing talent and he is responsible for the vocal arrangements made for the songs in this album. His light and amusing indifference wondrously “grabs” the listening audience in public shows. He has a deep baritone voice.
Yaakov Noy
Born in 1947 - Poland. He immigrated to Israel in 1957 and was educated at the Shfaim kibbutz. “Yaankale” is a great pantomimist who has worked in this field since he was fifteen. He was the one who came up with the idea of forming the trio and has contributed a large part in the building of the program. In this album you will find three songs written by him.
Gady Oron
Born in 1949 in the Nir-Am kibbutz, the soloist of the “Southern Command” military band (“I will Pinch You”). He began his musical career when he was fourteen when he performed in different events related to the kibbutz’s school and the surrounding area. Visually he is the nicest of the group and has a lovely tenor voice.

We have witnessed many trio formations in recent years, but the most unique is the “They Don’t Care” trio with its perfect harmony, the high level of its performance, and the right and diverse choices of material. There is no doubt this trio serves as one step forward in the Hebrew song field. It may be hard to believe, but this album was recorded while Gady, Matti and Yaakov were still in the army, serving in the “Southern Command” band which they established, and the preparations for the album were also made while they were moving and performing from one military post to another. The trio, which members are all kibbutz born, has started these days its public shows and is very successful, especially in their performances of their famous songs “Desperation”, “I’m Dying”, “Why Do You”, etc., songs which are part of the Israeli hitlists and often played on various radio stations. Finally, we have before us an album which is the most convincing business card of the “They Don’t Care” trio.


In 1971 the trio participated in a TV show for Purim called “Hole, Carpas and Azure” and were filmed in an entertaining music video of the song “Yaakov’s Rose” which was composed again by Matti Caspi.

Also in 1971 the trio participated in the 1971 music and lyrics festival with the song “Birds in my Head” (lyrics by: Shimrit Or, music by: Matti Caspi, arrangement by: Ilan Mochiach).

Afterwards a TV show was filmed with Rivkah Michaeli (as singer) where the trio also participated with songs and dances.

That time Caspi composed and performed with the trio other songs that weren’t released in an album: “Marco Polo” to the lyrics of Esther Bichu, and “The Ballade of M.Z. Feierberg” - with humoristic lyrics by Dan Almagor which describe author Mrdechai Zeev Feierberg’s envy of Haim Nachman Bialik. The song’s arrangement is full of humor, and Caspi tells that the drumming heard in the song is actually the sound of the three tapping on their knees.

Afterwards Caspi decided to leave the trio, explaining: “performing with the trio has indeed given me stage experience and popularity in the civilian market, but hasn’t contributed anything to my musical knowledge. Therefore, I decided to start working alone, focus on myself and give all I can in terms of composition, arrangement, and performance”.

The trio continued its activity for some time while Matti’s place was replaced by Danny Amihud. With Danny Amihud they recorded songs like “Cosmopolit” and the them song from Hassamba (the musical). A few months after Matti’s leave taking, the trio broke up definitively.

With the trio’s final breakup Gady Oron tried to pursue a short solo career during which Caspi composed for him the song “A Baby Crying in the Cradle”, and then he turned to event productions. Yaakov Noy left the country and Matti Caspi started working with Shlomo Gronich, composing for others and developing a solo career.

"יש לי ציפורים בראש", מתוך פסטיבל הזמר והפזמון, 1971
"I've Got Birds in my Head", from the 1971 music and lyrics festival
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