The ministry of education presents: “Singing - Matti Caspi”

Soon: the launch of a syllabus based on the music of Matti Caspi.

The syllabus is recommended by the ministry of education and includes the preparation of teaching units for elementary schools, and a show that brings together the students and the composer and artist Matti Caspi while getting to know his songs in an interdisciplinary aspect.

Matti Caspi has stated the importance of this event and how important it is to celebrate great artists when they’re still alive: “…it is advisable and it would be great to hold an evening in memory of someone while that person is still alive. That way you can be sure he or she will not roll in his or her grave…”

If you’re interested in further details, you can contact Dana Berger at: (+972) (0) 52-4222441
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צילום: דרור עינב
Photo by: Dror Einav.

From the ministry of education’s official website:

The syllabus‘ rationale:  

Matti Caspi is undoubtedly one of the most productive and influencing artists our country has had the honor of having. He is an interesting composer and a versatile musical arranger who creates with an abundance of tastes and styles, and he established a genre in Israeli music which many other artists have followed its footsteps under his influence. Since the 70’s and until today, Caspi has produced dozens of albums which were all a big success, and he has participated in the writing, musical arranging, or instrument playing of many more songs. The special and high-quality sound, the meticulousness of the musical arrangement and the versatile production of Caspi are considered to be a critical and distinguished chapter on the shelf of Israeli records. He is represented more than once as the man who created a revolution in Israeli music, as one of the most versatile musicians in Israel.

Matti Caspi’s songs represent a soundtrack of Israeli music which accompanies us along the years and is like a connection to our everyday life. In the different texts there is a connection to many fields of study, such as - language, history, art, the spirit of man, the landscapes of Israel etc.

A meeting with the artist allows the student to understand the interdisciplinary context, listen to the harmonies in a live performance, make the connection between the text and the music and experience many poetries with the artist Matti Caspi.


The objective of the syllabus: The syllabus “Singing - Matti Caspi” is meant to bring together elementary school students (5th and 6th grades) with the composer Matti Caspi and his songs. The singing meeting will be held after the students are prepared in the matter of the songs in a musical and interdisciplinary context.

12 songs were elected to the syllabus and were re-written into a digital book which has: the musical notes, the lyrics, the performances and the teaching units about the songs in an interdisciplinary context.

Link to the digital book

The songs: Eliezer Ben Yehuda - Yaron London. Days of Benyamina - Ehud Manor. Noah - Yoram Tahar Lev. Here Here - Ehud Manor. Song of the Dove - Shimrit Or. My Second Childhood - Ehud Manor. A Place for Care - Yehonatan Gefen. A Clean Folk Song - Ehud Manor. How Come a Star - Nathan Zach. The Day Will Come - Ehud Manor.

The initiative began thanks to the “Atidim” school principal in Hod Hasharon, Tal Berger, who last year held a meeting with Matti Caspi  and the students after an interdisciplinary learning process about his songs - through history classes, art, language, etc. Tal shared the supervision of the music with the county and so, with the head supervisor of the ministry of education, the national syllabus was born which will be a part of the nationwide music syllabus.

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