Matti Caspi performs a concert with the philharmonic


For 79 seasons the philharmonic has been playing and performing, and the upcoming season will be the “season of greatness”. The philharmonic is celebrating 80 years alongside the jubilee anniversary of Matti Caspi’s career, a gifted musician, whose contribution to Israeli music is too long and wide to describe.
To celebrate those joint 130 years of creation, Matti Caspi and the philharmonic will perform together on stage in a formal, special and unforgettable concert on April 27th 2017, at the culture hall in Tel Aviv.
The concert will be conducted by Ilan Mochiach, to the musical arrangements written by Matti Caspi.

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Bits of the last show from six years ago, in April, 2011:

מתי כספי והתזמורת הפילהרמונית. צילום: שי סקיף
Matti Caspi and the philharmonic. Photo by: Shai Skif.
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