Matti Caspi’s tour in the USA

In the end of November 2016 Matti Caspi went on a tour in the USA.

Tour producer David Azulay, tells us:

“This morning I woke up at 6 am to meet Matti Caspi at the airport. Without understanding why, and even though I had greeted many important artists in the past, I was extremelyexcited. Still, we’re talking about one of the greatest and most important artists we’ve ever had, a man responsible for a huge number of songs which are heritage assets of Israeli culture, and I was going to greet him. Maybe the fact that 22 years ago Matti was also the first music artist I produced, and I was excited then as well, made everything all the more thrilling for me, so there’s also a sense of closure here.
But when he got out of the terminal with his shy smile and his dry yet hilarious humor, I understood everything. This humility that doesn’t exactly fit the greatness of his work, this is exactly what spurs a great inspiration. The man who in spite of everything never stopped being a ‘Kibbutznick’ (someone from a Kibbutz), who brings and represents beautiful Israel, whose songs are the soundtrack of the childhood and adulthood of so many, he’s what makes me excited. Indeed, a man and an artist of stature“.


Elad Massuri had a one on one talk with Matti Caspi about life, Israel, Los Angeles, and especially - music (Israeli Week, Los Angeles November 2016):

מתי וסויאן כספי. צילום: Perry Bindelglass
Matti and Suyan Caspi. Photo by: Perry Bindelglass

 Photos by: Perry Bindelglass

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