Matti Caspi in a commercial for “Bituach Yashir” (insurance company)

Matti Caspi leads the 2010 “Bituach Yashir” campaign, while humorously using his song “Never Knew You’d Leave Me”.


  • Shooting day took place in 5 different locations in Herzeliyah. Or maybe, it was a tribute to the cypher 5 of “Bituach Yashir”.
  • Matti Caspi insisted it was impossible to shorten the song for the commercial. The solution came from his wonderful wife Raquel, who said: “Why don’t we try a contra punkt”? We still don’t know what that means, but it actually worked.
  • It appears that Matti Caspi has always sung this song with a mistake. Matti Caspi sang “Never dreamed you’d leave me” while the original line of the song is “Never knew you’d leave me”. We never knew this as well.
  • For the shooting the production team acquired Feat Spider 72 collection car. Its owner turned out to be a nice young fellow, but a little too worried about his car. He didn’t let anyone touch the car and the scene with the doves above the car almost gave him a heart attack.
  • Speaking of doves, it turns out that the doves who were supposed to fly off the hood of the car with the sound of the gunfire, were used to that sound and didn’t fly even on the tenth gunfire. They had to be made to fly away manually and edit it differently later.
  • (Special thanks to Raquel Caspi and“The Calcalist”))


Directed by: Noa Hirsh, filmed by: Roee Gazit, edited by: Roee Ben-Ami, produced by: Meirav Harel, lead creative manager: Gideon Amichai, creative team vice president: Zur Golan, creative director: Amit Gal, copyrighter: Paul Peshkovsky, art director: Ran Kuri, client manager: Tal Fishbane, supervisor: Hadar Horesh-Zur, account excutive: Yaara Kahenshtam, team planning manager: Hilla Tamir, planner: Zohar Reznick, office producer: Marina Akilov, director: Rani Carmely, production company: Og, post house: Gravity.

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