Matti Caspi and the Philharmonic


Matti Caspi celebrates 70 years - and over 50 years of musical creation at the piano and on the stage, with his beloved songs, which are heritage assets of the Israeli music.

To mark the event, Matti Caspi and the philharmonic will perform together in a special, formal and unforgettable concert, on November 30th 2019, at the Tel Aviv culture hall.
The concert will be arranged and conducted by Ilan Mochiach.
Special guest: Shalom Hanoch.

book your tickets: *3766


Bits from the concert from 8 years ago on April 2011:

מתי כספי והתזמורת הפילהרמונית. צילום: שי סקיף
Matti Caspi and the philharmonic. Photo by: Shai Skif.
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