Matti Caspi and Shalom Hanoch perform a joint show

Matti Caspi, along with another symbol of Israeli music - Shalom Hanoch, will launch in September 2018 a joint show: “The Songs are the Main Thing”.

The show will be held at the Building of the Dramatic Arts in Tel Aviv on three days:
Thursday September 20th, Saturday September 22nd, and Monday September 24th.

Participating in the show will be Moshe Levy with piano and keyboard, Alon Hillel with the drums, Yonatan Albalak with guitars, Fernando Knopf with the bass, and Hen “Pepe” Meir with percussion.

The musical production will be supervised by both Hanoch and Caspi.

The show will include newly and beautifully arranged performances of the beautiful classic hits of both artists, among them: “My Young Love”, “How Come a Star”, “Why Should I Take to Heart”, “I Never Knew You’d Leave Me”, “The End of the Orange Season”, “In the Summer Nights”, “Road Song”, “Here Here”, “Guitar and Violin”, “My Second Childhood”, “Against the Wind”, “You Took My Hand in Yours”, “Waiting for the Mesaiah”, “And You”, “Maya”, “In This Incarnation”, “Everlasting Alliance” and more.

Hanoch: “There’s a natural connection between us. We’ll come to sing, to play and to have fun, because the songs are the main thing and we both have written quite a few”.

מתי כספי ושלום חנוך

Photo by: Guy Pribas.

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