A campaign for Meridol

Teva company, through the Kan Kesher Barel advertising agency, went on the 4th of July 2003 on a new campaign for the Meridol toothpaste.

The star of the campaign is Matti Caspi, who’s known for his seriousness and for not smiling often.

The campaign used Matti Caspi’s personal testimony that he used to suffer from gum problems and his gums state improved immensely after he started using Meridol.

In his testimony there is a combination of humor and scientific messages.

In the commercial Matti explains that the reason he’s so serious all the time and doesn’t smile is the fact that he used to suffer from a gum problem - until he started using Meridol…


The commercial video as broadcasted on the media

A special video made for the "Teva" workers

Caspi's bloopers and jokes on the set

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