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We still don’t have a coach for the high-risk group, but there are many talents

April 27, 2020
What does he do at home to break the routine? How could he now sing: “You Took My Hand in Yours”? Should we add sanitizing gel to “Front Parted, Side Parted”? And why does he prefer to die in the summer? Matti Caspi answers the non-mandatory Corona questionnaire of Yair Nitzani (...) More

“A Pair of Doves“ - A New Single

April 6, 2020
Matti Caspi’s new single started from the lyrics written by Shalom Hanoch after he photographed two doves on the roof of his house - and this turned into a music video made in the spirit of the Corona time. “A Pair of Doves” Music: Matti Caspi Lyrics: Shalom Hanoch A pair of doves on the boiler on the roof He is making himself ready, cleaning himself She (...) More

Matti Caspi and the Philharmonic

September 24, 2019
Matti Caspi celebrates 70 years - and over 50 years of musical creation at the piano and on the stage, with his beloved songs, which are heritage assets of the Israeli music. To mark the event, Matti Caspi and the philharmonic will perform together in a special, formal and unforgettable concert, on November 30th 2019, at the Tel Aviv culture hall (...) More

Matti Caspi and Shalom Hanoch perform a joint show

June 25, 2018
Matti Caspi, along with another symbol of Israeli music - Shalom Hanoch, will launch in September 2018 a joint show: “The Songs are the Main Thing”. The show will be held at the Building of the Dramatic Arts in Tel Aviv on three days: Thursday September 20th, Saturday September 22nd, and Monday September 24th. Participating in the show (...) More

A Contemporary Dabka

February 6, 2018
Another single of Matti Caspi from the upcoming album. Matti Caspi: “with ‘Dabka’ I had an African melody in mind, with a hint of Arabian Dabka. I’ve told Danny (Robas) that I picture an ancient ritual of some kind, and he wrote a vivid description of a coming-of-age ritual of a boy who has become a man. Alongside (...) More
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