“A Pair of Doves“ - A new song

Matti Caspi’s new single started from the lyrics written by Shalom Hanoch after he photographed two doves on the roof of his house - and this turned into a music video made in the spirit of the Corona time.

"When I compose a song I'm overwhelmed because I feel as if I'm a messenger of something more divine that affects me."

Matti Caspi

Matti Caspi is undoubtedly one of the most productive and influencing artists our country has ever gotten. He’s an interesting composer and a versatile musical arranger who creates in an abundance of tastes and genres, and he’s established a genre in Israeli music, which many artists have walked down its path after him and under his influence. From the 70’s and until today Caspi has produced dosens of albums which were a great success, and was involved in the writing, arranging or composing of many more songs.

Like in a Dance - A new album!

“Matti Caspi in his new album succeeds to stand with honor and even dance next to his material from his golden age… ‘Like in a Dance’ is a good album with a strong fresh effect… the preservation of Caspi’s voice over the years - the timbre, the elasticity, the depth of expression - is something on the borders of a wonder”.

Ben Shalev, Haaretz

Matti Caspi - The Magic and the Riddle

The unveiling of Matti Caspi’s rich, harmonious and unique world based on an analysis of forty of his songs, while discussing the chapters of his life and the influences that affected him. Dr. Fleischer’s work has turned Caspi to the first living artist in Israel who has a musical encyclopedia under his name. the encyclopedia analyses the phenomenon which is Matti Caspi, his life, his activities, and includes scores, lyrics, stories about the songs and a deep analysis of them.

  • The show calendar will be updated soon
  • The show calendar will be updated soon
  • The show calendar will be updated soon
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