"Yehudith Ravitz"

Matti Caspi composed for Yehudith Ravitz the songsSomeone(E. Manor) andYou Took my Hand in Yours(Y. Rothblit) from her first album"Yehudith Ravitz"(1979), and also arranged and produced other songs in that album.

That year Ravitz composed a song(“Next to the Door”)for the movie “Disengof 99” which Caspi arranged and even participated in it playing the congas.

The songSomeone(Ehud Manor/Matti Caspi) performed by Yehudith Ravitz was featured in the 1978 Music Festival.

Also in 1978 Ravitz joined Danny Litany for a show called“In One Mind”With Matti Caspi’s arrangement, the two recorded the songs“In One Mind”(Danny Litany),"It's No Good the Man Being Alone"(Nathan Zach/Matti Caspi), and the jingle“Celebration at Neviot”(Dory Ben Zeev/Matti Caspi) which also featured Caspi, Arik Rodich, and Meir Israel.
The songs"It's No Good the Man Being Alone"and“In One Mind”were featured in litany’s album“A Warm Treatment”.".

Caspi arranged and participated in the instruments playing in the following songs by Ravitz:“Now Everything is Alright”(Y. Gilad/Y. Ravitz/M. Caspi) from“Visible and Invisible"- arrangement and playing the congas and clavinet,"Opening Theme"and“Who’s for Love”(Y. Rothblit/Y. Ravitz/M. Caspi) from the show“Regularly and Onetimely”,and more.

Yehudith Ravitz also participated with Caspi in the production “A Beautiful Tropical Land” where, among the rest, she performed with Caspi the duetSamba for Twoand in the 1978 Noiva festival, where she performed with Caspi the song“A Celebration in Noiva”.".

In the album"Duets"from 2000 Caspi and Ravitz renewed as a duet the song"On a Journey Day".".

In the album"Soulmate"from 2010 Yehudith Ravitz performed a duet with Matti Caspi called"One Body".".

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