Suyan Caspi

Suyan Caspi performed with her father Matti the song “A Beautiful Dream” in Hebrew - in Matti Caspi’s album"Another World",and in Portuguese - in Raquel Caspi’s album,“Raquel”. The music is by Matti Caspi, the lyrics in Portuguese are by Raquel Caspi and their Hebrew translation is by Ehud Manor.

In the album"Duets"Suyan participated in two duets: “Ballerina” with Matti Caspi (Ehud Manor/Matti Caspi) and “It’s OK to Dream” with Shoshana Damary (Raquel Caspi/Raquel Caspi).

In 2005 Suyan recorded a rap song called “Enough Getting Beaten”, lyrics by Raquel and Matti Caspi and music by Matti Caspi. The song was added as a bonus single to Matti Caspi’s album"You are my Woman".".

In the album"Soulmate"Suyan performed a duet with Chen Amar called “Let’s Dance” and also participated in backing vocals in other songs in the album.

Suyan has guest starred in Matti Caspi’s various shows along the years, and recently began her own project of translating some of her father’s songs into English and performing them in new versions co-produced by her and Matti together. Some of her new singles include: “Days of Summer” (English version of Matti’s “Days of Drought”), “My Second Childhood” and “Higher” (English version of Matti’s “Song of the Dove”).

סויאן ושון כספי בהופעה עם אביהן, מתי כספי.
Suyan and Sean Caspi performing with their father, Matti Caspi
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