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Matti Caspi’s new album: Like in a Dance

November 20, 2017
Matti Caspi’s new album will be released on November 30th 2017, yet you can pre-order it now. Click here to pre-order and listen to the songs Tracks in this album: 1. There is No One Like Her 2. So (...) More

“Like in a Dance” - A new song

October 19, 2017
Another single from Matti Caspi from the upcoming album. A magical love song, of which Danny Robas wrote the lyrics. Matti Caspi is in charge of the music, the arrangement and the musical production, and Yoad Nevo is in charge of the mixing. “Like in a Dance” Music: Matti Caspi Lyrics: Danny Robas The sea kisses the shore The day closes its eyes Seagulls (...) More

“Modern Times” - A new song

August 13, 2017
Another single from Matti Caspi from the upcoming album. Just like in Charlie Chaplin’s film from 1936, the new song “Modern Times” is about how we each are like little screws in the big machine of life. The lyrics to Matti Caspi’s music wrote Danny Robas. Matti Caspi is in charge of (...) More

The ministry of education presents: “Singing - Matti Caspi”

July 17, 2017
Soon: the launch of a syllabus based on the music of Matti Caspi. The syllabus is recommended by the ministry of education and includes the preparation of teaching units for elementary schools, and a show that brings together the students and the composer and artist Matti Caspi while getting to know his songs in an (...) More

“So There Is” - A new music video

June 18, 2017
The second wonderful single from the upcoming album - “So There Is”, lyrics written by Yaakov Rothblit to Matti Caspi’s music. The single’s release is accompanied by a music video directed by Aaron Kaplan. Caspi explained that the lyrics are “a description of a utopian dream” and that’s the music video’s (...) More
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