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Solitude, Yearning and zero regrets

April 10, 2017
Matti Caspi opens his heart in a revealing interview Disappointed from the attitude towards the culture and art in Israel, missing Ehud Manor and Meir Banai, considers himself a dictator, doesn’t know Stattic and Ben-El, and confesses he wouldn’t pass an audition for “The Voice”. Moments before a serious concert with the philharmonic (...) More

Matti Caspi performs a concert with the philharmonic

January 7, 2017
For 79 seasons the philharmonic has been playing and performing, and the upcoming season will be the “season of greatness”. The philharmonic is celebrating 80 years alongside the jubilee anniversary of Matti Caspi’s career, a gifted musician, whose contribution to Israeli music is too long and wide to describe. To celebrate those joint 130 (...) More

Matti Caspi’s tour in the USA

November 22, 2016
In the end of November 2016 Matti Caspi went on a tour in the USA. David Azulay the tour producer, tells us: “This morning I woke up at 6 am to meet Matti Caspi at the airport. Without understanding why, and even though I had greeted many important artists (...) More

A new single - There’s No One Like Her

January 4, 2016
Five years since his last album, Matti Caspi releases a fine first single from an upcoming album and reminds us again of his enormous talent and musical uniqueness, which have made him responsible for many of the songs that have become classics in Israeli music. The lyrics of this new single (...) More

Malabby - Mayumana’s show with the songs of Matti Caspi

November 1, 2015
When the Mayumana band met Matti Caspi it was love at first sight. After months of joint work the show “Malabby” was born, and in the words of Matti Caspi - his songs were given a new shade. “Malabby” is a musical based on Matti Caspi’s greatest hits, along with the fresh (...) More
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