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"Music School"

December 1, 2011
Matti Caspi has participated as a teacher and judge in the show “Music School” from “Shidurei Keshet” in season 1 (2011) and season 2 (2013). In season 1 he taught Bar Zemach, Danel Rubinstein, Katlyn Aligado, and Shelly Markolov. In season 2 he taught Shir Ordo, Pinni Poltov, Eddie Shukha, and Zoe Dagan. (...) More

Matti Caspi in a commercial for “Bituach Yashir” (insurance company)

January 10, 2010
Matti Caspi leads the 2010 “Bituach Yashir” campaign, while humorously using his song “Never Knew You’d Leave Me”. The shooting day took place in 5 different locations in Herzeliyah. Or maybe, it was a tribute to the cypher 5 of “Bituach Yashir”. Matti Caspi insisted it was impossible to shorten (...) More

A turtle plays Matti Caspi

July 17, 2009
For the first time in Israel a plush toy plays “Blue and White” music. The turtle plush toy was designed by Raquel Caspi, and plays Matti Caspi’s music. No batteries needed. The mechanism is a music box located in the center of the plush doll, which is activated by pulling the tail, which slowly shrinks back to its place. (...) More

We didn’t find it so we wrote it

December 24, 2008
Matti Caspi and Shlomo Gronich continue the successful tour of “Beyond the Sounds”, and even joined forces to write a new song together. After rummaging piles of texts and not finding anything they liked, Michal Gronich (Shlomo’s wife) spoke with Raquel Caspi (Matti’s wife) and the latter wrote (...) More

Matti Caspi - 40 years of creation

September 1, 2007
In honor of 40 years of creation for Matti Caspi, here are several letters of appreciation from different personages: More
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