Matti Caspi has won the AKUM life achievement award

Lyricist Danny Sanderson and composer Matti Caspi won the AKUM award for 2005 of life achievement, in the sum of 30,000 NIS each. The award, which is considered one of the most prestigious and important in Israel, is usually given to an artist for their whole life creations and activities. It’s included in the AKUM awards competition.

Matti Caspi has composed and arranged over 900 songs (!!!), most noted and known of which, are: “How Come a Star”, “God Has Mercy on the Kindergarten Children”, “In the Hot Summer Nights”, “I Opened a Window”, “Boy You Can’t, Boy You Can”, “My Second Childhood”, “Days of Benyamina”, “It’s No Good the Man Being Alone”, “What is Love”, and “Little Pinkas”.

In their arguments the judges mentioned that Matti Caspi is an unusually talented musician who has left his mark on Israeli music the way only few have done. He has incorporated in his songs a high musical ability with powerful emotionality and created complex songs, harmonically rich and most original. He is a productive and versatile artist who has implemented many genres in his songs: classical music, rock, ethnic, Brazilian music, Black music, and more.

Matti Caspi’s music, apart from being complex, high quality and refined, is also very communicative and moves in a wide range of feelings and emotions: touching ballades, progressive music (“Beyond the Sounds”), jumpy pop songs and humorous songs.

Apart from his great contribution to Israeli music, he’s also had a huge influence on an entire generation of musicians and artists who with his inspiration, have contributed to creating a new tone in Israeli music.


פרס אקו"ם תשס"ה מוענק למתי כספי על מפעל חיים
The AKUM Life Achievements Award of 2005 is hereby granted to Matti Caspi

About 20 years earlier, Matti Caspi won the AKUM’s jubilee award, for a young composer with a special achievement. The award was given to him by Itzak Navon, the minister of education then.

יצחק נבון מגיש לכספי את פרס היובל של אקו"ם
Itzhak Navon giving Caspi AKUM's jubilee award
פרס היובל של אקו"ם מוענק למלחין הצעיר כספי על הישג מיוחד
AKUM's jubilee award is hereby granted to young composer Caspi for a special achievement
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