Songs of the Balkan (NMC 1980)

4. The Maiden and the Knights Troop the band (Macedonia)
5. My Aunt Sat to Eat the band (Macedonia)
6. And my Journey is Yet Long the band (Romania)
7. Mother I Haven't Slept All Night the band (Bulgaria)
10. Come to the Wedding the band (Romania)
11. The Shepherd and the Madonna Sassie Keshet and Matti Caspi (Yugoslavia)
12. I've Got a Humble Boy band girls (Romania)

Songs from Yugoslavia, Romania, Macedonia, and Bulgaria.
Featuring: Matti Caspi, Nurit Galron, Zila Dagan (RIP), Sassie Keshet, Rutie Holzman, and Yonit Shoham.
Musical production and arrangements: Matti Caspi, Hebrew version of the songs: Yoram Tahar Lev.
All songs are from the radio program “Do Re Mi and More” and were recorded at the BA studios, January 1980.
Producer and editor: Odded Pinhassi.

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