Matti Caspi - Books and Sheet Music

Sheet Music Books

Matti Caspi has three score books: “Everlasting Alliance”, “My Second Childhood” and “One to One”.
The book “I’ll Go Crazy” doesn’t include songs composed by Matti Caspi, but scores and lyrics to the songs from four musical projects produced by Matti Caspi and translated by Ehud Manor.

Research Books

Matti Caspi - The Magic and the Riddle

By musicologist Dr. Zippi Fleischer
Published by “Hakibbutz Hameuchad”, 2013

An interpretation of Matti Caspi’s unique harmonic and rich world based on a deep analysis of forty of his songs, while discussing the layers of his life and the things that influenced him.

Dr. Fleischer's work has made Caspi the first living artist in Israel who has a musical encyclopedia under his name. The encyclopedia analyses Matti Caspi as the phenomenon, his life, his lines of work and career, and includes sheet music, lyrics, and stories and deep analysis of songs.

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