Ariel Zilber

In 1976 Ehud Manor, Matti Caspi and Ariel Zilber won the titles of Lyricist, Composer, and Singer of the Year (respectively) in the yearly music parade of Galatz. Matti Caspi composed and arranged the song“Once I was a Small Boy”(lyrics by Ehud Manor and performed by Ariel Zilber) as the “Song of the best” for that year. Listening to the song, we could understand how amazing is Caspi’s ability to adjust himself to the artist for whom he writes.

The song was recorded again two years later, this time with the Brosh band, and was included in the album “Ariel Zilber and the Brosh Band”.

In 1998 Caspi recorded for the “Hebrew Work” collection Ariel Zilber and Ehud Manor’s song"A Japanese Fairytale".In the booklet attached to the album, Caspi is quoted: “I love the song. Ariel Zilber is an exceptional singer and composer”.

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