Dory Ben Zeev

For Dory Ben Zeev’s album“Lemonade”(1977), Matti Caspi composed and arranged the song“And You Dance”and provided backing vocals for it as well.

In that same album he also played the keyboard and arranged in a rock style two other songs: “Twenty Scents Across the Boulevard” and “Sleepless Night”.

In 1977 Matti Caspi accompanied Dory Ben Zeev with these songs during the last show from the “Neviot Festival” in Sini.

For that year’s festival Caspi also wrote, composed, and performed with Dory Ben Zeev and Yehudith Ravitz the song / jingle“Celebration at Neviot”".

During the 1978 Pop Noiva festival Matti Caspi composed a song to the lyrics of Dory Ben Zeev:"A Celebration at Noiva"and performed it with Yehudith Ravitz, Danny Litany, Meir Israel, and Arik Rodich.

In 1977 on Ben Zeev’s radio program of Galatz - “Night Birds” - Caspi guest starred and improvised over the story"Morris and the Pigeons"from the play “Criza” by Yehoshua Sobol. That improvisation bit became a well-known and wanted skit which has earned many replays on the radio, came out as a record, and years later was recorded again for the album“Songs in a Tomato Juice”".

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