Celebration at the Snooker

The soundtrack for the movie “Celebration at the Snooker” (1975) was written by Matti Caspi.

The romantic theme piece from the movie is actually parts of the melody in the song “Everlasting Alliance”: “When writing the song Everlasting Alliance I wrote the first two parts as a soundtrack to a movie, actually “A Celebration at the Snooker”, as a romantic instrumental piece. I knew the song wasn’t complete, that something was missing. The missing part came to me three years later. And when the song came out I knew that was it, and I brought it to Ehud Manor for the lyrics”.

About the process of composing for a movie and how to combine the script and the music, told Caspi: “First you shoot the movie. Then I get the non-final editing, something that starts to grow, and I begin to get inspired and write the music. Then you go to the studio where they screen the movie in the background and according to its scenes, the orchestra conducted by me records the right pieces written ahead. Finally they make a final editing of the film and the music together”.

Celebration at the Snooker Matti Caspi
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