Shoshana Damary

Matti Caspi produced and arranged all the songs from Shoshana Damary’s album"Light"(1988) and from it, composed the song“No Night is Left”.".
Also participated in the recordings were the philharmonic musicians conducted by Matti Caspi.

Following the album Damary went on a tour called"Light"(also in the USA), musically managed and conducted by Caspi and featuring Boaz Sharaby as a guest star.

Matti Caspi on Shoshana Damary:

“Shoshana is the only singer in Israel I don’t need to work on song presentation with. You can simply forget about it, because in her case it’s something granted, and that’s rare in our country, because many singers lean on the lyrics. In Shoshana’s case it’s well-oiled and true. It just flows naturally from her. Shoshana hasn’t improved because she was good enough from the beginning. She never has a moment where she sings less good and then the next time she sings better”.

In 1988, in light of the recording of collection album“Hebrew Work”,Shoshana Damary recorded the song“Somber Song”(Will You Hear My Voice) as a duet with Yoav Itzhak. Matti Caspi made the musical production and arrangement, and also played the bass, piano, and keyboard.

In 2000 Damary recorded two songs for Caspi’sDuets album: של כספי: "“Mystery”with Caspi, and"It's OK to Dream"with his daughter Suyan Caspi.

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