The Adler Trio

For a CD called “Only Israeli Music” released in 1999, Matti Caspi composed a piece for harmonicas called“Nirvana”.".
In that same CD the trio performs medleys and other compositions by Caspi.

After the trio’s soloist - Michal Adler Gronich - participation in the tour"Behind the Sounds 2002"., Raquel and Matti Caspi were featured in a CD named“The Adler Trio and Friends”in a Brazilian medley comprised of two songs by Jobim -“Out of Tune”and“A One Note Samba”- where Raquel Caspi performed, and Matti Caspi arranged, and played the guitar and percussion, as well as the harmonicas.

In a formal show dedicated to the trio’s 40 years anniversary Caspi performed as a guest and sang in the accompaniments, and even played himself a piece from the song"Song of the Harmonica"on the harmonica.

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